I’m Too Old for This – Transitioning to Study

Don't get me wrong, I'm not old by any stretch. Most of you would laugh at the notion that I felt to old for anything. Heck I am young enough that the idea of being called "mature aged" hurts, just a little. And I sure share a lot of the same cultural identities as most … Continue reading I’m Too Old for This – Transitioning to Study

Money Matters: Scaling the Wall

It comes in many forms, sometimes it’s one great mountain, looming ominously before you, other times it’s a field of tiny thorns, with no obvious way to cross. Either way if you are looking to change debt can feel like an impenetrable wall, standing in your way. But fear not! We can scale it! I … Continue reading Money Matters: Scaling the Wall

Money Matters: Preparing for Change.

Money. It doesn't grow on trees and it can't buy happiness. But that's OK, the best things in life are free, right? Whilst these adages may have some place in life, the truth is money matters. And when your trying to enact intentional change, it can be critical.   So what does one do when … Continue reading Money Matters: Preparing for Change.

Communicating my decision.

I had built a life in Perth. Friends so close they were hard to distinguish from family. Professional relationships that were beyond just colleagues, managers and clients. These people had helped me too conquer demons and scale mountains I could never have done alone. Some of them had spent the better part of a decade … Continue reading Communicating my decision.

Decisions 101: Choosing a University as a Mature Age Student.

This week we are going to kick of a series of posts that go into depth about the decisions you will face when deciding to reset! I will be going into deciding factors and strategies I took to reach the decisions I made during my journey. One of the biggest choices you will need to … Continue reading Decisions 101: Choosing a University as a Mature Age Student.