Endless Horizons

Once I decided to wipe the slate clean I had the opportunity to head in any direction I chose. At first it felt overwhelming, did I want to drop sell everything and spend years exploring India and Africa, stay where I was and just change jobs or move to Tokyo and study abroad! I was presented with endless horizons but I had already made the hardest decision I would in resetting, so I knew I could make this one.

So how did I decide?

For me it began with a look inside.

What was I passionate about?

What was important to me?

What did I wish I had done before?

But most importantly, what made me happy?

For me there were some things that sprang to mind immediately. I wanted return to university, I was always a high achiever and this was always something I had tried to carve out time in my life to do. I wanted to explore to find new things and experiences. I wanted to make a difference.

These big broad ideas were easy to come up with but placing them together into some semblance of a plan was another thing entirely. It felt like every door I opened lead to a whole new series of infinite decisions to be made.

Fortunately I am blessed with the most wonderful friend, who believes in me through any amount of self doubt. It was through many late night walks on dimly lit city streets pounding idea after idea into him that I made a decision. I didn’t need a destination right now. Just a direction, I was going to reenrol in university for the next available semester and go from there.

The decision to return to university did however require one very specific decisions, where was I going to study?

There were 3 options:

  1. Stay where I was, one of the most expensive cities in the world.
  2. Study abroad.
  3. Move back home.

All 3 of these options had a lot of things going for them. Staying where I was provided me with stability. I knew I had great people around me and a stable income. Whilst studying abroad gave me an immediate sense of accomplishment and satiated my thirst for adventure and travel. And lastly moving back home, the ultimate reset, returning to place I was raised and living in my mothers spare room. This would provide me with something I had missed so dearly for almost a decade, my family. There would be no more missed births, birthdays, graduations or celebrations. I would be surrounded by the people that mean the world to me.

In the end this one was an easier decision to make. I’d tried and failed to return to university where I was, so I had to move. And the familiar pounding of the pavement and late night conversations gave me the confidence to commit to a destination. Living in the most isolated city in the world meant that moving was going to be a massive commitment, an incredibly stressful experience and very expensive.

I had 6 months to save enough money, wrangle in my debts and prepare to move 1000s of kilometres. As hard as this was going to be I’d already done something harder, I’d decided to hit reset and I had established a direction and timeline.

Next week we will get into the nitty gritty of what I did to make the transition from full time employee to full time student.


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