About Me

Hi All!

I launched this blog in January 2018 in order to chronicle and share my journey from being stuck in the full time rut, too something more fulfilling.

I hope to inspire and show anyone who wants to change the course of their life that it is possible. Whether you are a student, retiree or anything in between you will be able to learn from my mistakes, understand how I tackled some of the biggest and hardest obstacles and see that it is possible to hit reset and follow your dreams.

Each week I will be updating this blog to include more of my story, the decisions I had to make, how I made them and the tools I used to get passed each obstacle.

I recently left my full time job in Perth to pursue a university degree in sunny Cairns (7000kms away!). I am an amateur photographer and work as much as I can on my father’s farm. And I couldn’t be happier!

Make sure you tune in weekly and join me on my adventure.

I would love to hear your stories and answer any questions, so drop me an email, a tweet or leave a comment!

All photos found on this blog are taken by myself or my close friend, you can find his instagram here.

– Jarred

Twitter: @theresetbtn

Instagram: @theresetbtn

Email: theresetbtn@gmail.com




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